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How to create a waste management plan

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Waste management is a lot easier when you keep track of it. The problem is that when you’ve never made a waste management plan before, it can get confusing. That’s why we’re here to give you the most simple and straightforward tips on how to draw one up.

Conduct an audit

It’s always a good idea to know what waste you’re dealing with. What type of waste does your business mostly create? Can you create less waste by, for example, going paperless? Is your dumpster full every time it gets collected? You might be able to save money by having less frequent collections if not.


Develop waste-cutting procedures

Now that you’ve seen what your waste stream consists of, the most logical step is to start looking at the best methods to reduce it. Keep track of your trash by coming up with a system that you can use everyday, like having special garbage cans for different materials. If your  business is big enough, hiring custodial team members is important, but for small companies you can do it yourself. The more waste you’re dealing with, the more it becomes a full-time job, but still, training your staff to take plastic bottles home or scraping food waste into a specific trash can can save you a few bucks.


Try to reuse as much as possible

Cost-cutting also includes not throwing away some things at all. After you’ve done an audit, it’s a lot easier to see what you can keep from disposal to save you some money. As well as being greener, it’s also cheaper.


Remember the 5 R’s:

Refuse materials you don’t need. if your business doesn’t have a use for it, you can do without it.

Reduce materials you use currently. Back to the first point, if it isn’t necessary, don’t get it.

Reuse everything you can. Getting dishes instead of paper plates and using old paper for scribbling quick notes are some examples.

Recycle the items that don’t apply to the last three points.

Rot if it can’t be recycled. Compost is a good use for uneaten food, but just throw it in the trash if you can’t do any of the things listed above with it.


Talk to the experts

Creating a waste management plan is what waste management companies do day in, day out, so we’d recommend speaking to one. Some of the stats we’ve seen have suggested that companies can pay as much as 80% more than they need to, just because they aren’t experts in disposal, so make small mistakes.

When talking to professionals, they can do some digging into what you’re throwing away, and where you can save. They can create an official report for you which will be used to keep your costs low.


That’s why we’ll find you the best ones for your needs. If you’d like to find the supplier with the best price and service, please visit Business Waste on our website.

Need help? 

We offer a service that can assist you with optimising your business costs.

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